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Entertaining Pet Anecdotes

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Everybody has a favourite hilarious pet story

This episode is a collection of real-life stories from members of the Wave community. We’ve laughed together over tales as varied as Adventures in Babysitting, The Great Imposter, The Cow Parade, The Bandit Who Lost His Pants, and The Tortoiseshell Tag Team. This is the first time that these personal stories have been published… the best kind of scoop. We hope you enjoy them!

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Things we do for Pets

Fish Tales… Fur Real. Entertaining Pet Anecdotes

Whenever the topic of funny pet stories comes up, everybody wants to jump right in and tell their own. Whether it’s “The One That Got Away” or that LOL YouTube video, we sure love to laugh at our pets. So for this final episode of our podcast series, we decided to tickle your funny bone with a few favourite stories from our own Wave community of pet lovers. They are all personal, authentic and just too funny not to share!

We’ll call our first tale Adventures in Babysitting

Molly, one of our writers, was an excellent teenaged babysitter. One of her ‘regulars’ was a family down the street with 2 small children. An interesting feature of this neighbour’s home was a huge aquarium in the basement. It was a beautiful L-shaped wall, probably 5’ high, with an impressive collection of tropical fish and exotic creatures; the father’s prized pets.

There’s one gig there that Molly will never forget. She had left the young boy of maybe 3 sitting on the floor playing with his miniature cars while she went to fetch his lunch. From the kitchen, she heard a loud crash. She raced back down the stairs to find a hole in the glass with water gushing out. She sprang into action with buckets, towels and lots of duct tape. Saved most of the fish.

It was the most serious incident she ever experienced while babysitting. But the tale lives on with humour at the little boy’s reaction. He was in tears. “Molly,” he cried, “my cars are getting wet!”

My second story is about the Great Imposter

After one of our sales reps completed her university degree, she decided to move to Montreal. With a roommate, she rented a small third-story walk-up apartment. One of those buildings with the distinctive circular wrought-iron staircase at the front and a rickety metal fire-escape staircase at the back.

Although there were raccoons and squirrels in the attic space, pets were not allowed. Despite that, soon enough, the two scofflaws adopted a kitten. Everything was fine until Snow White went missing. Obviously, they could not call the landlord or even put up “Missing” signs. After 4 days of frantic searching, they heard faint meows coming from the ceiling. Kitty was alive! But kitty was stuck. The girls called around until they found someone who could help. FYI, the Fire Department was not helpful. “Call us back when the cat is dead, then we can come.” Sheesh!

If pets weren't allowed, then... Who's hiding? Oh! a cat is!
Who’s hiding? (Photo by Kubangirl |

They finally hired a Mr. Fix-It who cut a very small hole in the ceiling tile. When he held up a piece of ham, a small grey paw reached out and snatched it. The girls were stunned: “It’s not even our cat!” Now they could call the landlord.

They hid all traces of cat ownership before the landlord arrived with his tools. He sawed a bigger hole in the tile and pulled out a very hungry little ball of grey fur. The girls held back their laughter: It was their own white cat covered in soot from the attic! The landlord agreed that they could keep her if they couldn’t find the owner. That was the day that Snow White became Grizabella and the girls became law-abiding tenants.

Next up: The Cow Parade

Our producer can barely stop laughing while telling the tale of Galen, his sister’s feisty little Jack Russell terrier. The dog was a gift from a farmer friend who could no longer keep him. You see, Galen was a ‘working’ terrier. He excelled at his job of herding the cattle into and out of the paddock. One day, the farmer received a call from a friend: “Are your cows ok?” The farmer looked out over the empty pasture. They were definitely not ok… they were gone!

Farmer Joe jumped into his truck and drove into town. There, marching single file down Main Street, he saw his entire herd of cows with Galen in the lead. Traffic was at a standstill and a crowd had gathered to cheer them on. With some coaxing, and help from traffic cops, Farmer Joe managed to u-turn Galen to bring the cows back home. That marked the end of Galen’s big adventure – his final great escape – and also the end of his career on the ranch.

And now: The Bandit who Lost his Pants

Our friend Kate has always loved animals. She worked part-time for many years for a veterinary clinic in a small Ontario city. Once she finished school and started a full-time job managing an apartment building, she was able to buy a small bungalow with a very big yard, a must for her pet family. That home quickly became a haven for pets who needed shelter with a heaping dose of TLC. Problem was, she had a hard time parting with foster pets who also never wanted to leave! Her brood kept growing.

One day, while making a bank deposit for her company in the ATM vestibule of her bank, she was confronted by a young man demanding money. The robber appeared to be pointing a gun at her through his jacket pocket.

The anecdote has as its plot the fear of the bandit in being discovered!
The fear of being found out! (Photo by Stevanovicigor Photo by Stevanovicigor |

Kate, always calm and very cool, turned to the would-be thief: “Dude. Are you sure you want to do that?” When he repeated his demand, Kate made a subtle gesture and out came her favourite dog, Benny the Rottweiler. He had been sitting at her feet, out of sight but completely alert and ready to jump into action at Kate’s command. The dog lunged and the robber turned to flee but not quickly enough… the rear end of his jeans was firmly clenched in the dog’s teeth.

Somehow, the man was able to run away, but without the back half of his pants. He might have thought he had got away with the attempted crime until the police showed up at his home to arrest him. Benny had the young man’s wallet!

The Tricky Tortoiseshell Tag Team

This caper is another spin on the landlord/tenant relationship. Until now, we did not realize we had so many rule-breakers! Our colleague – who shall remain nameless for reasons that you will soon understand – is another extreme pet lover: she has 5 cats. She has a soft spot for the tortoiseshell, that beautiful patchwork mix of dark brown, cream-coloured and ginger fur.

When she first moved into her apartment, she only had 2 cats, which was the maximum number of pets allowed. So she started out honest. But soon enough, with rescues and adoptions, she worked her way up to 5.

One day she received a call from her superintendent that he required emergency access to her apartment. Unable to leave work, she had no choice but to grant access. By the time she got home, she had worked herself into a panic. She expected to be confronted by an angry landlord ready to immediately evict her for having so many cats.

When she entered, only one cat came to greet her. A second cat was sitting on the lap of the super’s wife, purring to the rhythm of the rocking chair. “Your cats are so beautiful!” gushed the landlady. “They must be twins; I can barely tell them apart!”

Our friend responded that they were both from the same litter – which was true; 2 of her cats were.

“I hope you don’t mind,” the lady continued, “I put out a little saucer of milk for them. They seem so thirsty. I thought I’d keep them company while Ray fixes your ceiling.”

Our friend realized that the other cats were hiding under the bed. They obviously had come out only one at a time and the landlady thought it was the same 2 cats each time. This handy technique has been used many times since then.

“Good thing she didn’t shake the treats”, she thought to herself. “All the cats would have come running at once and the gig would have been up for good!”

And finally, we cannot sign off without telling you about the Cat Burglar

A cute illustration of a cat with a mischievous expression helps to tell stories and enriches anecdotes
A burglar cat? (photo by Marlon Trottmann |

There is a caveat to this story: It did not happen to one of us. I found it on the internet, so it must be true, right? I chuckle each time I think of it. It goes like this: a family starts to notice random objects in their back yard. A shoe, an old stuffed animal, a towel… you know, miscellaneous items that could have blown in with the wind. But the pile kept growing. Each morning, something else arrived in the yard, the garage, or by the back door.

The family suspected it was some kind of practical joke. Especially when women’s undergarments, a bicycle helmet and a soccer uniform appeared. They decided to set up a surveillance camera and voila: there goes their cat out for a jaunt each night, coming home with something new. Busted!

The next day, the family placed all the items on a makeshift clothesline on their front lawn. Beside it, a sign that read: “Our cat is a Kleptomaniac. Please help yourself to your belongings!”

So that’s it for today. Gotta go count my cows. Thanks for listening!

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