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0 Things We Do For Pets… coming soon!

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Episode: Love pets? Love your job!

Professional Opportunities Working with Pets

It’s never too late to follow your dreams and turn your passion for animals into a fulfilling career. This article explores a broad sampling of professional opportunities working with animals, from the veterinary and scientific fields through to the technical pursuits, not to mention important support and service roles. We briefly look at job requirements, employers and responsibilities. Some are obvious, some less so. We aim to help you set your sights on a full-time career, a part-time job or even an entrepreneurial adventure that combines challenge and income with fun and heart-warming moments with pets. (COMING SOON…)

Episode: Gimme Shelter

Make a Difference in a Pet’s Life by Volunteering at the Humane Society

What’s the next-best thing to owning a pet? For many, it’s the opportunity to be part of an animal-loving community. You will find exactly that at The Humane Society, a registered charity that has been providing care, comfort and compassion to animals in need for well over a century. Our lives are super-busy and the time you can offer is a most precious gift. This episode describes the many ways you can volunteer with this organization that values all animals and advocates to treat them with respect and kindness. (COMING SOON…)

Episode: Lap of Luxury

Bringing Pet Pampering to a Whole New Level

A light-hearted look at the lengths pet-lovers will go to offer the utmost of comfort and pampering for their four-legged pals. From oxygen spas and high-end doggie day care to pre-nups and mental wellness. From Reiki healing to IQ toys. From diamond collars to Ruff Lauren fashion accessories. In today’s pet marketplace, there’s something for everybody and every buddy with extravagant taste and a healthy chequebook. (COMING SOON…)

Let’s Talk Pet Tech

Exploring the benefits of pet-focused tech innovations

It can be mind-boggling to keep up with high-technology innovations that are developing at lightning speed and changing the way we live. Your pet’s world is no exception. Who would have guessed that pet-focused science and technology developments could have come such a long way in such a short period of time? This article explores the benefits of exciting new pet-focused innovations, from geolocating and pet DNA analysis to automatic pet feeders and litter solutions to home security cameras and robotic vacuums. It will definitely motivate you and your pet to go for a walk down Easy Street.  (COMING SOON…)

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